Mindeeze Download


This is a daily relaxation technique accompanied by some instructions on how to use it.



I understand that many professionals may not feel drawn to completing the Mindeeze: Pressure Off Pathway, but still would like to start reducing the effects of pressure in and outside of work.

The Mindeeze Download is a relaxation technique that I use on a daily basis. A pressure and tension builds can build up over time. Many professionals in high pressured jobs, find that their natural response to pressures are being triggered so frequently that their physiology has little time to recover. 

As a result, tension builds and starts to impact upon many natural functions, the immune system and general health and well-being. This technique has helped me over many years to keep my responses to stress and it’s ensuing pressures to a minimum. 

I tend to use it daily whether there is stress or not. This is because it helps to create a positive mind-body relationship, thereby promoting better health and well-being. 

By listening to the Mindeeze Daily Guided Relaxation Technique between 10-15mins per day it is possible to help reset the bodies natural physiological balance and sense of wellness.

The audio download is also accompanied with full instruction of how to use it.