Welcome to Mindeeze

Thank you for taking time to visit Mindeeze.

Mindeeze has been created by Dr Gareth Thomas. A practicing Dentist & Stress Therapist. Its aim is to help high pressure professionals understand the interrelationship between health & stress and how this may affect our daily working lives and what we can do about it.

Central to Mindeeze is the ‘Pressure Off Pathway’. This a 5 part series of practical techniques and skills that are taught in person or online.

The aim is to reduce the response to pressure initially, then over a period of 5-8 weeks, provide individuals with the necessary skills and key knowledge to be able to recognise and counter act stressful experiences as they occur from day to day, thereby reclaiming power over their own lives in and outside of the workplace.

Whether your an individual or a group of professionals interested in taking steps towards a less pressured and healthier mind set, this approach has been designed to be easy to follow, effective in its nature and easy to integrate into daily life.

In addition to this central theme, Mindeeze aims to support professionals in their daily responsibilities, through sharing experience and knowledge, so that they live more fulfilling lives in their chosen professions.

Please watch the introductory video to know more.