Restoring the integrity of the human subtle energy and it’s link to consciousness

Drugs have an effect upon the human subtle energies and their connection to consciousness. As a result drug use alters our awareness of reality. Some of these effects can appear initially favourable, as an expansion of awareness can bring about realisations that can initiate change. However, many long lasting unwanted residual influences can be problematic.

It’s not uncommon for individuals who have experimented with drugs to experience some of the following issues:

  • Feeling scattered and not fully back to an awareness required for everyday life
  • Having many great ideas, but unable to manifest them
  • Being oversensitive to others thoughts and feelings
  • Being unable to sleep 
  • An overactive level of thoughts
  • Drifting through life with no focus
  • Lacking confidence
  • Experiencing life as a series of crises 
  • Feeling disconnected to physical reality  

By starting to address issues like these through working on the human subtle energies, it may be possible over time to lessen these unwanted effects and restore a sense of relative balance to everyday life. 

This may be achieved by understanding the link between the human energy systems and consciousness and how to use key bio-energetic techniques to restore the integrity of this relationship.

Energy Medicine International offers:

One to One Bio-Energy Instruction 

Key bio-energy techniques are given to suit each persons needs over a period of time. By linking these to each individuals’ experiences and needs, the aim is to restore a sense of manageable awareness and relative balance to daily life.

Each persons experience is different, so apart from teaching techniques that are central to this approach, the tuition is geared to each persons needs.

For more information please contact Dr Gareth Thomas

Group Bio-Energy Workshops

Teaching techniques in group work take a slightly different form to one to one. It can provide an added dimension as people share their experiences which adds to the overall knowledge base for each group of people that come together each time.

Groups workshops are held in London for those preferring in person tuition. The next London Course starts in May 2022. For more information please contact Dr Gareth Thomas 

There are also online course for groups of those who live further afield. The next Online Course Starts in May 2022. For more information please contact Dr Gareth Thomas