One to one sessions

Mindeeze One to One, delivers complete and comprehensive instruction that focuses on reducing daily anxieties and tensions. This known as the ‘Pressure Off Pathway’

It is centred around the understanding that how we think and feel affects our physiology, immune system and physical body. This often referred to as the mind-body connection. How we respond to stressful experiences creates the physiological changes that lead us to feeling pressured.

This is triggered by an inbuilt survival response known as the fight or flight pathway, that is intimately associated with the mind-body connection.

By understanding the relationship between our thoughts, emotions and and how they influence our physiology, it is possible to affect the fight of flight pathway in a positive way and restore a sense of composure to the body.

The Pressure Off Pathway, includes 5 sessions, each spaced one-two weeks apart. Appointments are 60 mins each. It is advised to commit to all sessions to obtain maximum benefit. Although this is not obligatory.  

During each session, guided visualisation techniques are used, plus practical steps towards changing our responses to pressure.

An audio copy of the main exercise is given to each client for daily home use. This is accompanied by key knowledge to help with progress between each session.

The programme also looks at the importance of recognising the unwanted effects of stress and how to develop resilience and utilise techniques that minimise pressure.

In addition, the use of breathe-work and cognitive restructuring are included as ways of managing the body’s fight or flight responses. All of these skills can be integrated into daily life and used to prevent stress going forward, so as to create lasting change.

The overall aim is to provide practical ways in reducing the unwanted impact of daily pressures, so that each individual can regain a sense of power over their working life, health and well-being.

Appointments can be made: