How we perceive and respond to challenges and pressures, shapes our daily lives.

Dr Gareth Thomas created Mindeeze to assist professionals working in jobs of high responsibility, how to limit the unwanted effects of their vocations pressures and the impact they may have upon the work-life balance.

He has been a practicing dentist with over 30 years experience working in many spheres of healthcare. He is also qualified Stress Therapist and tutor with over 20 years of experience in the fields of well-being and personal development.

‘Having experienced high levels of stress and pressure early on and throughout my career I had to take time out to re-evaluate whether I wanted to remain in healthcare. During this period I discovered stress therapy, personal development and meditation.

By combining these professional skills, personal knowledge and working experience I was able to  rediscover a healthy balance in and outside of the work place.

It has allowed me to continue practicing at a level that is enjoyable and rewarding. It also enables me to deal comfortably with the expected pressures of practicing healthcare they arise.

This has also enabled me to pursue other fields of interest. Overall I’ve been able to find a healthy work-life balance.

Because this approach has worked for me, I felt compelled to help those in similar situations in the hope they mey benefit in the way I have.’