Parental Stress

Caring for children is said by many to be one of the most difficult but simultaneously rewarding responsibilities in life.

Starting a family, can be daunting especially with the first child and the majority of new parents, will admit that anxiety and stress levels get raised considerably.

Parents may be caring as a single parent or together as part of a marriage or partnership. There tends to be varying levels of help from friends, family or from professional services e.g. nanny or baby sitter.

Learning how to recognise, manage and move through anxiety provoking parental experiences can have a positive effect upon both parents and their children.

It is known that as parents we pass on patterns of behaviour on to our children, both positive and negative. By gaining useful ways of dealing with stress or pressure we can inadvertently help our children by creating less stressful situations or an environment that copes with pressure better. To assist with this Mindeeze offers the following: