Stress & Addiction

Addiction tends tend to be an unhealthy dependency upon something, where the individual feels strongly compelled to engage in an activity that is central to the addictive behaviour.

There are many types of addictions and professional help in reducing or stopping this type of behaviour is an essential step to regaining power over our lives, from these patterns of harm.

Apart from seeking therapeutic help, central to recovery, is how anxiety, pressure or stress is dealt with. Many people who get caught up in addictions, who are seeking change, find it difficult to break these patterns because of the inability to cope or deal with life’s pressures or stress.

When feelings or thoughts of pressure arise, rather than managing these, it seems an easier option to continue the addictive coping mechanism. It tends to be a continuing cycle or pattern that is very powerful. So powerful that the individual feels an uncontrollable need to continue the patterns of harm.

Apart from looking at the emotional and thought processes that contribute to this behaviour. Breaking the pattern of anxiety is a very important step towards recovery and an effective way of evolving away from addictions.

Having the knowledge and skills to reduce the pressure or anxiety that surrounds the addiction, during key moments of pressure, windows of opportunity for meaningful change of habitual patterns may be created. Mindeeze offers the following to help with this process: